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Shot Maker Workout Routines For Golf Superstars

When you’re on the fairway, your skills and techniques won’t do you much good if your swing has no power. You’ll need to train hard in order to be able to make accurate and strong shots. Shot Maker Workouts can help you improve your fairway game and transform you into a golf superstar.

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With Shot Maker Workouts, you’ll gain access to customized workout routines that are designed specifically to transform you into a shot maker. This means you won’t be wasting your time on exercises that won’t improve your game as a golfer. As a bonus, you’ll also gain instant access to tens of thousands of various workouts from our vast network of workout sites!

Top 10 Golf Exercises

  1. Single leg deadlift
  2. Side bridge with leg lift
  3. Medicine ball swing toss
  4. Lateral squat
  5. Drop step lunge
  6. Mini-band walk forward
  7. Quad rocking
  8. Lat pulldown
  9. Cable push-pull

Cable wood chop

“The weakest part of the bodies is the part they need most: the core. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, you can’t make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound.|”

— Mark Verstegen

For video, check out our video series: Total-Body Workouts.

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